A glimpse into the future.


Today’s Daily Prompt from WordPress…

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

If I had been given this prompt 6 months ago, my answer would have been very different. Even 6 weeks ago, my answer would have been less clear, but it would not be what I am about to write for you.

The palm reader would give me a very clear timeline of how my life will unfold in the next few years. She will tell me about this “strange” relationship I have with an amazing man. She will tell me I am going to become far less stubborn and outspoken, but I will never give up my refusal to be walked all over. She will tell me the changes I have made have made not only this man very happy, but myself as well. She will talk about how proud those around me notice I am, but how even those closest to me can’t put their finger on why.

The palm reader will talk to me about how strong this “strange” relationship is. She will tell me that I am often asked what the secret is, and I will smile to myself while giving a vague answer like, “lots of communication and loving interaction.”

Maybe, with enough time, she will figure out the Taken in Hand relationship, and how we use domestic discipline. She will be in awe of how smoothly things work out when there is only one head of our household. She will tell me, to her own surprise, what a wonderful thing it is for me and Mr. Hand. She will ask me for more details about such a relationship.

Then, she will tell me things I can’t even begin to predict right now. I know what I would like to be happening, but in my experience, voicing those wishes tends to become curses for me. So, for now I will keep them to myself.  One thing is for sure, whatever the palm reader tells me in terms of my relationship with Mr. Hand, it will be good. Very good.