I have a Confession…

This blog is making me nervous. Not because I’m afraid of being found out; that would be interesting, though. Not because I’m afraid of discipline. Because I see it being read by experienced people; people who know more than me are reading my words! I love to talk, and I love to write, so it’s not the actual writing part. Instead, I am afraid someone’s going to send me a message something to the effect of,”hey lady! You’re doing it all wrong ”

Now, my logical thinking brain knows this is not likely to happen. In general, I have found writers and commenters to be very respectful of various points of view. But, the perfectionist side of me wants it to be perfect. When I post on my other blog, my real-life friends are right there, telling me how awesome it is. Here, not going to happen.

So, there you have it. The confession of a perfectionist. I promise I will not doubt myself forever; this is such unchartered territory for me. Very much desired, but very new. And thank you for all the support from everyone so far. And especially to my darling Mr. Hand, who is so awesome as to “like” almost every post. Just one more reason I am so very lucky!