The belt


Yesterday was a normal day for me and my kids. I got groceries and did some stuff around the house, they played, and we made and ate dinner together. Oh, wait. Never mind. It wasn’t a normal day! I NEVER cook dinner, and when I do, they sure don’t help me! So, it was a great day for us! In addition to a great day with the kiddos, I managed to sneak away from them for a few hours so Mr. Hand and I could see each other. We hadn’t seen each other since Sunday, and waiting til Tuesday was a long time!

Mr. Hand told me on Monday that there would be a small maintenance spanking to help teach me that I am to submit to him. We had talked about it over the weekend, and I was relieved to see he was following through. I hate inconsistency or confusion in anything; this is no different.

When he arrived, I got into position. I took off my shorts and laid myself over the bed with my pantied bottom up. I hate waiting. Even though I wasn’t nervous this time, it still is hard. Then he came in and shut the door. He doesn’t talk during this entire process, and I really can’t even see him. Sometimes, I catch him out of the corner of my eye, but not much. I can hear him, though.

This time, I hear him undoing his belt. “NOOOOOO!!!!!!’ my head screamed! “Please not the belt?” But I didn’t say anything. This spanking was teaching me to submit to Mr. Hand, who, in the brief, yet, entire time we have done this, has never hurt me. Not only has he never hurt me, but he has been very intentional about making sure he doesn’t.

As he stood silently behind me, I heard him undoing the buckle and then slowly pulling it out of his belt loops. I’m sure he did it slowly so I would have time to think about it. Has he been reading up on how to spank me?! Then he sat with me.

We talked about how I was going to be spanked to teach me to submit. This is the first time it truly sunk in what that meant. My brain finally started comprehending what I signed up for. I finally began to understand what our relationship is. For the first time, I understood who and what this man is to me, and most importantly what he is doing for me and us.

Then, the spanking began. The first couple were the same as the leather paddle from the weekend, but after that, IT HURT! A LOT. Every time his belt made contact with my bottom or sit spot, it stung worse than the time before. He did a good job hitting his mark. He went at a reasonable pace, and judged well when it was time to stop. For the first time ever, I was done at 20. I didn’t need to request more, and I wasn’t over-beaten (he has never had this problem, but I have read about it). Then of course, we hugged and snuggled while we reconnected.

The belt is not nearly as bad as it seems like it would be. Yes, hearing it come out of his belt loops was anxiety provoking. Yes, it stung. It sure did hurt. And my bottom was red. But, I also recovered quickly. Within an hour, all the red was gone and it didn’t really hurt either. This morning, I am a little tender in the couple places he hit when he missed and went too far to the side, but that’s okay. This does not mean in was ineffective and should be given something worse, just that it was a good combination of pain and recovery time.

The nice thing about the belt, is that it can be adapted. 20 spankings was just enough for maintenance, but if I needed a punishment, bumping it up to just 25 or 30, or going bare bottom, would probably do the trick. It’s an effective tool to get the point across quickly and easily.

And so, I’m learning. I am not in charge of everything. I sure wouldn’t have chosen the belt, but it was just what I needed. I put absolute trust in Mr. Hand, and he did exactly what he promised. I am sure it will not be an easy road keeping me in submission, as I have so many great opinions on how things should be 🙂 , but I am getting there, and I know Mr. Hand will keep working with me until I arrive.

I am a very lucky woman, indeed.


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