A plain old boring day


Today is the first in several that Mr. Hand and I have not seen each other. I miss the sound of his voice, the feel of his skin, even his smell, and the way he handles me. I kept busy, however, by creating, and completing, a list of chores. I did this to hold myself accountable. After Saturday’s spanking for absolute laziness, I did not want Mr. Hand to have to address this issue again. Since he has figured out to spank harder and longer, I did not want to have to experience it again for awhile. It worked! I got all but one thing done. But, more importantly, I worked hard and feel good about it.

Tomorrow will be an opportunity for us to sneak in a small chunk of time together. It will probably be less than two hours, but some time is better than no time. He has already informed me that I will be getting a small maintenance spanking to remind me that I am to submit to him, that he is the head of our relationship, and that he is the man here. Then we will spend the rest of the time just hanging out and enjoying each other. I’m very excited!

Other than completing my list, spending some time with my kiddos, taking a nap, and doing homework, it was a pretty uneventful day. That’s a good thing. I need more days like this. In a couple weeks summer break will be over and I will return to teaching. I’m thinking I will even go to bed early.


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