A day of maintenance spankings

implementsI was not planning to see HoH today, but we got into a text discussion about how we needed to start using implements, due to my high pain threshold and need to be spanked longer than most. Along with his need to use his hands for work, this was not a good combination. HoH said he wanted to research and discuss this together, even though it is ultimately his decision.

I also admitted that I was not yet in the correct mindset of submission. I felt like I “let” him spank me. While this is ultimately true because I consented to this lifestyle, once I did so I put the power in his hands. I was having a hard time remembering that. We talked about how spanking a lot in the beginning was actually more important than we thought, in order to enforce submission from the beginning.

So, over to his house I went. The only implement he had was a paddle we usually use for sex, but we had to use it today. I wasn’t nervous this time. Even though I knew it would be long and hard, I knew he would take care of me.

As always, he had me prepare myself by taking off my shorts and leaning over the bed. He shared with me that he prefers this position because it gives him more leverage. He left me to think for a bit then came in. He lectured me about how I needed to learn who was dominant (him) and who was to be submissive (me), because I requested this lifestyle.

I think he started with his hand, then switched to the paddle. Just as it was starting to sting, he told me the warm up was over and it was time for the real thing. What?! My bottom was already stinging. At some point during the spanking he stopped for a quick break. This is always bad news for me because I lose count of the counting. That is not acceptable to him because it is my job to count and must remain focused. I couldn’t remember so I said 25. Apparently we had been at 30. So, I got the 5 more I thought I was going to get anyway. Oops.

He was going to have me stop at 30, but I was honest with him and admitted I needed more. So, he went harder and longer. Oh my, did that sting. I even reached the point where I had a hard time keeping my bottom still. He stopped at 50. I could have taken more, but oh, I would not have wanted to!

We snuggled and hung out for a bit, then decided to do our research. We decided on some implements that we are both comfortable as possibilities. We decided on a wooden hair brush, wooden paddle, leather paddle, and belt. I’m most scared of the belt! I hope he saves it for only the worst things I could do. Problem is, I won’t find out what those offenses are until I hear the belt coming my way. Oh well, all part of my learned submission. I also changed my mind and agreed that some corner time would be effective. Not so much in itself, but either as I prepare for my discipline or as I take a break in between implements or during long spankings.

After some snuggles and hanging out, it was time for me to go. I requested HoH give me another spanking, since I would not see him for several days. He agreed. I was reluctant, but I wasn’t really feeling anything from the last one, so I thought it would be a good idea.

I didn’t even get any over the panties warm ups. He went right to my bare bottom with the paddle! Ouch! Oh it stung! I had a harder time leaving my bottom still as he slapped harder and harder, sometimes getting both cheeks at once. I made it to 50, without losing count this time (thank goodness!). I’d hate to see what would happen if I accidentally counted too high, like saying 40 instead of 30. Let’s hope I don’t find out. When it was over, I remembered to tell him thank you for spanking me, sir. This is good, because I had forgotten the last couple times, and I suspect that wouldn’t have been tolerated again.

Oh, and we agreed I would address him as Sir during punishments, to further demonstrate my submission to and respect for him.

It’s been about an hour, and for the first time ever, it still stings and hurts. My cheeks are still red, and I think there’s a small welt. He promised me no more going on easy on me. I’m not sure I like that idea, as this really hurt. But I know I need it, so he WILL give it to me.

Spanking=not so fun, discipline and guidance=awesome

On a happy note, we had amazing sex today! Again, because our sex life is amazing! We tried fisting for my first time. Talk about intense! Mr. Hand is the only person I’ve trusted to try such a thing, because he has proven to me time and again that I can trust him. This is why he is absolutely awesome in every way!


3 thoughts on “A day of maintenance spankings

  1. I’m so glad that you chose me to be your man. It’s an honor to take you in my hand. Xoxo
    Mr. Hand

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