Laziness is not a good idea

Yesterday, I had a list of things I made for myself to do. I came home from a month long trip on Tuesday, and still had not unpacked, I had homework to do, phone calls to make, had to go see about a new computer, and needed to do a quick general clean up. The only thing I did was go see about a computer. I should note that Mr. Hand and I do not live together, so this list was my own. I had so many things to do, but I didn’t even bother trying.

I was disappointed in myself, and knew that I deserved a spanking for my laziness. I debated telling Mr. Hand this. It is, after all, my house, my life. But, I also start feeling crappy when my house is a mess. It seems that when my house is a mess, my life is, too. I actually started my list at 9 PM knowing he would be here at 11, after getting back from work, justifying that if I did it then, I wouldn’t have to tell him. I knew that would be dishonest, so I had no choice. I am proud of myself for telling him.

I texted him just as he had gotten out of work so he would have time to think about whether he was going to spank me or not. He responded with 😦 but nothing else. I asked him if he was going to spank me, and he said “yes.” I was actually quite surprised that he answered at all. I am impressed with him for not hesitating. For instantly stepping to be the head of relationship.

I instantly regretted telling him, and started back peddling by telling him I had started doing my work and that I was second guessing the whole spanking thing. This was to be my second spanking. I knew it wouldn’t help, but I did if anyway. Maybe I was testing limits or his commitment a bit, I don’t know.

When he was close to my house, he told me to go get into just a shirt and panties, get in position leaning over the bed, and wait for him. I didn’t look at the clock, but it seemed like forever. I was nervous because I had told him after the last spanking that he could spank harder. Also, even though we had discussed hand only, what if be had changed his mind to using an implement without telling me? All I knew he had was a paddle, which in sex play was quite strong, but mayb he had a brush or something else. I wasn’t sure how much he had read about effective spanking. I don’t think I would be opposed to it, I was just afraid of having no warning.

He entered the room and set his stuff down. He came right to me and starred the lecture. He asked me what I had done wrong, and I answered him. Then he stood behind me. I wasn’t scared, but sure was nervous. Slap! The first one came. Then a couple more. He told me to count as he spanked to keep my attention on the spanking, since my mind tends to wander. He sure did spank harder. And he went for the sit spot, making it hurt that much more. He stopped at 10 this time.

I was grateful he stopped, as I wasn’t far from crying. At the same time, I had just gotten into the punishment mindset. He could have gone longer, using that as the warm up, then moving on to the actual spanking. I cannot believe I am admitting to taking more. I will regret that next time, I’m sure! We are, however, just getting started, so maybe longer might have been too much. I doubt it though.

When he was done, he brought me to his warm embrace and assured me how much he cared. I thanked him for spanking me, which I have committed to doing at the end of each spanking, as a sign of my respect and gratitude for the commitment he made to me. I’m sure being put in a position to hurt me is not enjoyable. I appreciate his dedicaction to being the leader of our relationship, even though I put him in tough positions sometimes.

In summary, discipline spankings are not fun. I feel so blessed to have finally found a man who naturally embraces the relationship I wanted. I am proud to call him mine and me his.


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