Radical Honesty

In addition to our decision to follow Taken in Hand, we also committed to the policy of radical honesty. In short, radical is exactly what it sounds like. It is an agreement to be honest almost to a fault. It is agreeing to respect each other enough to trust everything about ourselves to our partner. This includes honesty about our past, the present, and our hopes/dreams for the future.

We committed to radical honesty because we want our relationship to be strong, open, honest, and communicative. We want a a relationship based on knowing other at the deepest, most intimate level. Radical honesty is a trust thing from both sides. First, knowing that the other person will always be honest makes us trust each other to not have secrets. Second, it requires a deep level of trust that, even with knowing what would otherwise be secrets, our partner is here to stay. That is huge in healthy relationships. I believe many relationships lack this, which is why they do not last. Relationships based on lies are not relationships at all. It is manipulation and disrespect. We want our relationship to be based on trust, communication, and honesty.



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