Receiving my first spanking

Well, the spanking I was promised for this weekend came early. We ended up with some extra time to be together yesterday, so Mr. Hand decided it would happen then. We were sitting on the couch talking and snuggling, then he announced it was time. I suddenly got a little nervous because I hadn’t planned for it. I wasn’t prepared, it just came out of nowhere. Humorously, I was getting spanked because I am too impatient and need to learn to trust mr. Hand.

We were already in our spanking place, so after he said it was time, he just guided me over his lap. I was nervous because he had never disciplined me before. As he rubbed my bottom over my jeans, he started explaining why I needed to learn patience. Then he switched to a few quick slaps through my pants. Then he told me to remove my pants.

Spanking through my panties was louder, more stingy. It especially smarted when he hit where my underwear line was on my legs.

Then, to my surprise, he took my panties down. I was surprised because we never talked about doing both over the panties and bare bottom, just one or the other. I didn’t question or object, though, because I know it is his decision. I’m proud of myself for that 🙂

The spanking didn’t last very long, and didn’t really hurt. It stung for a bit, but not too long. Then Mr. Hand took me by his side, held me and assured me he cares.

I received this spanking because, in the process of deciding to incorporate spanking into our relationship, I got too impatient with details. I wanted to know every last detail, and would make them up myself if I could. I’m learning that more of that should have been left to Mr. Hand. I have given him the gift of being the leader of this relationship; I need to trust him to know when and how to apply it.

He also explained something to me that I have been told many times before, but it finally sunk in when it was follow by a blow to my bottom. When I’m impatient it spoils the surprise he would be trying to create for me. I don’t want to do that to Mr. Hand. He is doing his part to make this a strong and meaningful relationship in all aspects; I don’t want to ruin fun things he tries to do for me too. Also, nothing would ruin the fun of a surprise more than having to be spanked for not waiting patiently.

A quick debrief from my side of things…he did a good job explaining and talking me through it. He stayed calm and focused. He followed through on giving the spanking.

Things to maybe adjust… Since we were already in the spanking place, maybe he should have walked away for a couple minutes. It was hard to switch to a punishment mindset with him there. I think he can spank harder. Discipline spankings should be harder and longer lasting than erotic spanking. I had a hard time focusing and often found my mind wandering. Maybe counting would help? Or maybe harder spanking would bring me back to the moment.

All in all, it was a good spanking, especially for a first try. I’m proud of him for doing it, and of me for choosing a Taken in Hand relationship for myself. I see great things happening here!


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