My first spanking is coming

I’m going to receive my first discipline spanking this weekend. I was too impatient about knowing how spankings would happen, not demonstrating an adequate level of trust in Mr. Hand. Seems unfair that I would be spanked for wanting to know things, and disappointing that I got myself in trouble so early in our Taken in Hand relationship. However, I appreciate and admire that he is starting from the very beginning by teaching me appropriate and acceptable behavior. I’m proud of myself for not arguing about it and accepting it, even though I am not going to like it.

I have so many questions running through my head that I want to ask him, but I know doing so will result in more severe punishment. I hope he goes easy on me since this is the first one, but I suspect I won’t so he can set the stage for what I can expect in the future.

Part of me is glad to get the first one over with so I don’t have to wonder what it will be like. Remind me of thank when I’m over his knee with my bottom red and exposed lol


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