What can I do to stop a spanking

In short, nothing. Once Mr. Hand has decided I need it, that’s it. It’s his choice and decision that I need it. Trying to convince him otherwise will only lead to a worse punishment. Oddly enough, I know this, but will surely fight him on it on occasion. The stubborn side of me rearing its ugly head. I guess that’s why we decided to let him take me in his hand.

I also have no control over what type of spanking position he requires, how long it will last, or how hard he will spank. The only control I have here is to comply and cooperate. Again, I know this, but my stubborn side will surely take over at times, again earning me a worse punishment.

Mr. Hand has committed to my well being. He knows that he must follow through or I will not be able to count on him. He understands I may argue or refuse a spanking or misbehave during his administration of my punishment. But he will not back down. He has promised this to me, and will not break my trust.


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