Just Getting Started

It probably seems strange to be reading this blog at this point, seeing as we haven’t even officially started our journey through Taken in Hand, but I wanted to get started so we can see this from the very beginning. It is important to note that even our relationship is new. While we have agreed we are exclusive, I am not able to comfortably put any other label on it right now. I just know that we want this to become a very strong and healthy relationship. Taken in Hand is going to help us make that happen.

At this point, we have taken the first step of communicating clearly, openly, and honestly, about what it is we want in this relationship and what we expect TIH to accomplish with us. We have laid ground rules for the relationship overall. We have both done our research. We are ready to get this started!


2 thoughts on “Just Getting Started

  1. Wonderful to see another Domestic Discipline blog!
    Welcome to blogland, I look forward to stopping by often and reading.
    You are off to a great start already!

    • Thank you! I’m actually shocked by the number of views I’ve had do far, and it grows every day! Must be people are more interested than they’d like to admit 😉

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