This is a very young relationship, but we are ready to make it happen! I am so thankful I was brave enough to bring up from the very beginning how I wanted a partner who would take charge, who would not let me walk all over him, and who would help me be and become the woman I want. I have researched the ideas of domestic discipline, but that never fit with what I wanted. It seems to restrictive and controlling to me. I knew I did not want a relationship like that; basically, I wanted to pick and choose.

Somehow, by Google magic, I ended up finding the Taken in Hand website at Reading posts from others in this type of relationship was eye-opening. From the very beginning I could relate to so much of what was said. What I had been trying to say was made so much more clear to me. I immediately went to Mr. Hand with this information, and asked him what he thought. He excitedly agreed! I couldn’t believe it! What are the chances of finding a man who is as excited about this as I am, doesn’t need any convincing, and didn’t run for the hills when I mentioned it?! Lucky me!

So, here we are. Mr. Hand and I decided to create these blogs (he has one also, it can be found at  to share our journey with ourselves, each other, and others who are looking for a way to connect or understand this lifestyle. I am confident we both understand it. I am confident our understanding will change over time, as well. It’s all part of the journey of growing together.

Mrs. Behave


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